Inevitable Mobile App Development has dominated the tech market and there is no rocket science needed to understand that they would continue to do so in future as well. All kinds of businesses, irrespective of domain and size, are moving towards mobile apps to create a better connect, in fact 24*7 connect, with the customer and offer them personalize experience. Also, the number of mobile phone users has increased substantially over the years and hence, the revenues generated by the mobile apps.

There are millions of mobile apps available in the App Store and Google Play store, and this number is increasing every passing day. Different kinds of apps are being launched into the market as there is a humongous opportunity of going big with apps. In this blog, we have listed some powerful app ideas which are either trending or are much needed in the current circumstances and hold a huge success potential.


E-Learning Apps:

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, majority of the educational institutions are shifting towards online platform. Educational institutes have realized that this is the future and hence, we are seeing rise in the educational apps. A good e-learning app will provide a complete end-to-end solution like study material, interactive sessions, guides, online classes, exams etc. Developing A Successful Mobile App for e-learning can be a solution to many educational institutes in having a competitive edge in the market and ensuring their eternal existence.

Blockchain Invoicing App:

Different types of Blockchain software development frameworks like Hyperledger, Smart Contract etc. can be your ally in developing a tax expense management mobile app which helps you in calculating the amount to be paid based on the user’s income. These Blockchain Development Services -powered tax application also helps in generating the invoices thus, making the management of business finances a hassle-free job.

Online Doctor Consultancy:

Visiting the doctor for consultancy and waiting there for hours is not an optimal utilization of time, especially during this pandemic time when you’d have many people around waiting in the room for the doctor’s appointment. Virtual consultation becomes a very good option wherein, you have specialist doctors always available (24×7) and can give you prescription according to the ailment of the patient. It is a very good solution for at least getting the first level opinion on many non-critical injuries or contacting doctor from different city/state without wasting time.

Food Donation App:

Food donation app helps in bridging the gap between donors and food seekers. It is very important that with ever-growing population and limited available resources, we utilize the resources optimally and don’t waste anything and help the needy. Food donation app can be the path-breaker to curb the food problem in your city or state or country as it will allow you to collaborate with the government and several other NGOs and be the helping hand to the poor.

Fantasy Sports App:

Fantasy sports apps are huge in demand. User make their virtual teams, select their favourite players, participate in the tournament and get the personalize mobile app experience. This is very engaging for the sports enthusiasts as they spend long hours in the app playing games.


New Language Learning App:

These days people are continually looking to upscale their skills, hence, learning new language app can be an instant hit among the targeted audience. The app can be designed by having some necessary letters or words information at the beginning, which gradually increases to teach full-fledged conversation to the user.

Vehicle Servicing App:

A vehicle servicing app will help in pick & drop of the vehicle at your doorstep for servicing. This option can be very comfortable and time saving for the vehicle owners.

AR And VR In Travels:

Giving the real time or as good as real time experience of a service really helps in selling the services to the customers for example Trip Source. Having a tourism mobile app with Augmented Reality App Development and VR App Development technology can do wonders in Travel and Tourism industry.

Fuel Delivery App:

This is one of the great business ideas getting traction around the world. This on-demand Android or iOS Mobile App Development idea will aid the user to get fuel without going to a gas station. The user can select the nearest fuel station through the mobile app and order his or her required quantity which will be delivered to the users’ location.


Mobile app is a very dynamic world with lot of uncertainties and huge potential. It requires continuous innovation and a great tech partner who can offer cutting edge mobile app development service for your business to fully utilize the mobile technology. Pixel Values Technolabs is the right tech partner who provides a complete end to end technology service to ensure you cash on the opportunities and scale ahead in the competition.

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