Introduction to PHP

According to the global research, “The market share of PHP laravel framework enjoys the highest virtue with a whopping 25.85%.”

It was first developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. Soon after its launch, it became the ultimate choice for both developers and end user because of its clean, expressive and flawless syntax. Today Laravel is considered as the most advanced framework of the PHP language. Latest introduction of laravel 6 that has even made Web Application Development more easy compared o he previous versions. I have overall given a breath of fresh air to the developers with the powerful tools in the bag.


What is Laravel?

Laravel is one of the best, free and open-source PHP Web Development frameworks which are designed to deliver easy accessibility over the web application development or Laravel Application Development. Though Laravel is free and open-source, it doesn’t leave its community developers left alone and in every six months comes with new updates which makes the development faster, smoother, bug free and more robust. Following this ritual of continuous update, Laravel has come up with a new version Laravel 6. The moment Laravel 6 was announced, it gained tremendous popularity. Laravel has the similar design patterns as that of Symfony, and is a potential alternative to the CodeIgniter framework.

Laravel-Pixel Values Technolabs

What is new with Laravel 6?

The latest version of the Laravel 6 comes highly feature rich, and it includes features such as:

* Ignition: A new and smart error page.

* Laravel UI: UI scaffolding logic such as Bootstrap or Vue is extracted in its own Laravel/UI package

* Job Middleware: New feature allowing developers to wrap custom logic around the execution of queued jobs

* Lazy Collections: New feature leveraging PHP generators to empower you to seamlessly work with very large datasets

* Support for Semantic Versioning

* Compatibility with Vapor

* Improved Authorization Responses

Future of PHP

PHP is simple, highly scalable and efficient programming language which is successfully available for years now. As PHP is very flexible, it’s easy to write code in it. With the super strong developer community base and availability of continuous updates it is one of the highly preferred enterprise web development languages. Hence, considering the wide acceptance and critical we see a robust future ahead for PHP.


All the high class features of Laravel 6 have made it one of the most loved frameworks. Being open source even PHP provides an extensive community support to its users, which makes it approachable and understandable by all its users. Hence finding PHP Developers to work on this framework is not a big deal. We at Pixel Values Technolabs have skilled and experienced development, which can turn your ideas into reality.