On this day while we all celebrate the 15 years of one of the most used app in the world, Google Maps, we would like to share with you all a glimpse of the 15 years journey and what’s now on this special occasion which will keep Google Maps one of the most trusted and used location finder app around the world.

15 years ago on 8th February Google Maps was conceived and designed in Sydney. 15 years ago Google Maps started with an idea of mapping the world together helping each one of us to go wherever we want to go. This objective and believe gradually increased the Google Maps reach, services, accuracy, and users download and trust.

Google Maps turns 15 years, and still going strong-Pixel Values Technolabs

Today, as we celebrate 15 years of Google Maps, there are billions of users of this app every month across 220 countries using live traffic updates and many more features. Over these years, we have we have just seen this number is continuously increasing with the increasing number of updates this app has provided. To celebrate 15 years of Google Maps, Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has come up with some really interesting and user friendly features in the latest update. The latest update offers a fresh look to the app from inside out and gives you access to everything on your finger-tips. These updates are:

Google Maps icon:

On its 15th birthday, Google Maps icon gets a cool fresh icon replacing the solid-red “pins” with the four colours used in other Google logos.


As the name suggest, this feature helps you to explore the nearby areas to grab lunch, find museum, landmarks, or live music. It provides you the information, ratings, reviews and more for about 200 million places around the world.


Commute feature provides real-time traffic updates, travel times and suggestions for alternative routes thus, ensures that you are using on the most efficient route whether you’re travelling by car, taking a walk or using a public transit.


You can spot and save your favorite restaurant and location list across the world here.


This feature will let actual users to add actual information about locations to improve maps.


Updates will keep you posted on the ‘must-see’ spots around the area of your interest. This also include the commuting features which provides you with departure and arrival times, wheelchair accessibility and many more such user-friendly features.

Google Maps turns 15 years, and still going strong-Pixel Values Technolabs

Google continuously believes in enriching user experience and hence, keep evolving their Mobile Application Development with new insights like recently introduced features of Temperature, Accessibility, Women’s section, Security On-board, and No. of carriages available. User can update their experiences here to keep this data as realistic and live as possible for fellow users.

Recently, the most sought after feature in Google Maps has been that of the Live View. Google, with their state of art development shows you the live direction in Augmented Reality App Development by combining Machine Learning, real-world imagery and Smartphone sensors. This is still in evolving phase and is expected to be more robust and accurate in the coming updates and would help you with exact direction guidance in real time.

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