Google has launched the third developer preview of its Android 11 version (just to remind the first Android 11 developer preview came in Feb and the second one came in March). Today we’ll explore some of the feature’s Android App Development has to offer in this developer review 3 and we can expect them in the final stable launch of Android 11. Important note, this is purely a developer preview and not a public beta, hence, it’s only available to download on Pixel phones and to install these updates you need to go through the process of flashing your phone.

Exploring Best Features Of Android 11-Pixel Values Technolabs


Native Screen Recording:

One of the important and easy to use feature some Android phones already have is the screen recording. In the drop-down setting shade, you see the screen recording option. Tapping this option, you’ll see a confirmation pop-up, selecting this will start the screen recording and will capture whatever you are doing on the phone. You can cancel the recording the anytime.


Message Bubbles:

Like how Facebook Messenger’s chat heads work, Mobile App Development has also introduced a notification in the form of Floating bubble when you receive a message through the regular messages app. To enable this, just long-press a message notification and tap “show in a bubble”, and now you get your bubbles – any new messages will popup up as a window from this bubble.


Redesigned Notifications:

One cool new feature in Android 11 is sorting of notifications into relevant groups. Hence, Android App Developers develop an operating system in which conversations will appear at the top in their own easy to read section, making it easier to quickly reply and carry on with your tasks. Adding some extra finesse, there’s also an element of transparency and gradients added to the recent update.


Back Gesture Sensitivity:

The back gesture could be little annoying at times when it’s used to perform multiple similar tasks. Thankfully, Android 11 empowers you with two sliders, one each on the left and right side of the screen, to control the sensitivity of the ack gesture.


Single Time App Permissions:

Google has always been known for enhanced security. With Android 11, Google has probably launched the biggest privacy-based feature. Single time app permission lets you tell an app it can only access your location just that one time you’re using the app, rather having to choose between ‘all the time’, ‘only when I’m using it’ or ‘never’.


Scheduling Dark Theme:

Android 11 is reported to have the ability of scheduling when your device shifts to dark mode. You can either set a custom time or like so many apps and other Android phones you can also choose to have it come on at sunset and switch off at sunrise.


Pin Apps To Top Of Share Sheet:


Finally, in Android 11 you’ll be able to pin apps and shortcuts to the Share Menu. This feature briefly appeared in the Android 10 build cycle but never made it to final release. But now it’s back and hopefully, this time the feature will remain.

Features Of Android 11-Pixel Values technolabs

Muting Notifications During Video:


I am sure it’s annoying to receive notification when you are capturing a memorable moment with your loved ones. With Android 11, you can mute the notification while recording the videos.


Auto Revoke App Permissions:

If you think you are not going to use an app after few months, then you can automatically revoke permissions such as camera, location, and more, from such apps.


Undoing Recently Cleared Apps:

If you happen to accidentally clear an application, then now you can undo the same by quickly swiping down on the screen.

There are many more subtle devices specific and Mobile App Developer focused changes which are published in Android developer review 3. We are expecting that many more features will come-up in the future Developer Previews which will happen between now and the Stable Android 11 launch. SO STAY TUNED!!


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