Today approximately 2 million apps exist on Google Play and App Store respectively. In this ever-evolving Mobile App Development ecosystem, this number is expected to increase by 180% by 2020.In such a competitive and ever evolving world, no company can risk missing their presence on either platform. The challenge to this is the cost of development, maintenance and up-gradation of the native apps. Hence, to counter these challenges cross-platform app development has emerged as the first choice of businesses so that with single code base the app can be developed for Android and iOS.


What is Cross-App Platform Framework?

Cross-platform App Development frameworks provide developers with the ability to code only once which runs on multiple platforms, thereby enabling them to release a product/software faster, safer and with better quality.


What’s the Difference between Native and Cross-Platform App Development?

Native v/s cross-platform is an eternal altercation which has divided the tech community for years now. However, as it’s a debatable topic, some experts prefer native apps over cross-platform apps, on the other hand, some experts prefer the other way round.

Since both these App Development technologies are in a constant state of evolution this topic needs to be revisited from time to time to check which of these options is currently leading the game.


The Benefits of Cross-Platform App development:


Cross-Platform Mobile Development Comparison:

Now that we have seen the importance of cross-platform development frameworks, let’s review the available frameworks, which are – Flutter, React Native and Xamarin.


It’s a cross-platform framework with C# and native platform libraries wrapped in a .NET layer, consisting of three major components: Xamarin Platform, Xamarin Cloud, and Xamarin Insights.

Xamarin Platform offers APIs, controls, runtime engines, encryption, authentication, virtual machines, and much more. Xamarin Cloud offers automated testing platform on multiple devices, whereas, Xamarin Insights is a monitoring tool that helps developers in tracking application crashes and exceptions.

React Native

React Native is an open source mobile development framework allowing developers to develop iOS and Android applications with JavaScript and a handful of native component APIs. The React Native framework implements a selection of native UI components, means the applications will look like native apps and in fact if done correctly, a React Native app is hardly distinguishable from a native app. Scenarios where substantial customization is needed, the advantage of working within React Native’s abstraction layer lessens to the point where in some cases developing the app natively would be more beneficial.


Flutter is Google’s mobile app development SDK which comes with a complete framework, widgets, and tools, thus, giving developers an easy way to build and deploy visually impressive, fast processing mobile apps on both Android and iOS App Development platforms, hence, one codebase for both platforms.

Flutter uses Dart and a collection of native widgets to create stunning cross platform apps.It’s developed and supported by Google and has already gained a lot of popularity and strong community presence, hence, Flutter is considered the best tool for cross platform mobile development.


Mobile application development platforms comparison

Cross Platform App Development Company-Pixel Values Technolabs

Now that you’re well equipped with all the information, depending upon your project need you can select the best way to develop cross platform mobile apps in your case. You can choose either Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, or a native mobile app development framework.

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