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With the rapid increase in the advancement of Mobile App Development Company India their adoption of digitization everywhere, businesses are automating the human tasks which are mundane and don’t require distinguishing or remarkably different skills to perform the task. This helps business in keeping minimal manpower, without the constraints of location and has this technology work for them round the clock. Chatterbot or Chatbot is one such example of digitization.

Chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation through voice commands, or text chats or both. Chatbots are also known as IM bot, bot, interactive agent, or artificial conversation entity. Some of the examples of this kind of virtually assisting applications are Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger.

How AI Chatbots are Work-Pixel Values Technolabs


Chatbot is designed and developed in such way that it is widely used by App Development Companies as it interacts with customers like humans assisting them in resolving their query.  There are two ways in which chatbot functions, a) with set of defined guidelines and b) with Machine Learning.

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Chatbot with a set of defined guidelines works only in a specific way in which it is programmed. It has very limited intelligence in place and can only respond to a set of questions or vocabulary. An example of such kind of chatbot with defined guidelines is the initial conversation / message when you call/text customer care service if any modern day business. The instruction asks you to press 1, 2, or 3 for specific tasks/queries, however, if you press 4 or asks a query which is not code programmatically, the system fails to resolve the query and would either proceed to repeat the command or transfer the caller to a human assistant.

Chatbot with Machine Learning is designed and developed in such a way that it has Artificial Intelligence in place which helps it in continuous learning and growing it is also growing widely in Mobile Game Development. Such kind of chatbot is designed to self-learn by the way of new dialogues and words, and its accuracy keeps increasing with each reply. The use of such kind of chatbot has become very extensive in today’s dynamic world and its use varies from companies like Facebook to even to US Presidential elections. Depending upon the need and purpose of the business, there are different types of bots which are available and/or designed and developed.


Few of the recommended AI based chatbot tools are:

* Watson Assistant

* Bold360

* Rulai

* LivePerson

* Inbenta

* Ada

* Vergic


With the increasing financials around the human resources, and the need to answer customer queries 24×7 across locations, it is evident that AI chatbots are here to stay to benefit organizations dealing Web Application Development Services on their bottom-line. In the coming years we’ll see Chatbots getting used even by the smaller businesses, and AI chatbots will become smart enough to handle customer queries more emphatically.


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