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The team at Pixel Values takes pride in delivering world-class services at a competitive price. As our customers are our top priority, we strongly emphasize effective communication and customer satisfaction. Right from the initial concept stage to development, and from deployment to maintenance, our job is to deliver robust and excellent solutions. Our expertise in terms of helping people and their idea validation helps clients one step further with their project. 

Nimish Gupta

Nimish Gupta

Co-founder & Director Project Operation & Management

In his role as Director – Project Execution, Nimish is responsible for exploring cutting edge technologies, frameworks, and architectures for possible utilization in client solutions. Nimish brings world-class technical competency in the development team and prepares them to deliver the state of art technology solutions.

Nimish has over 13 years of experience in Information Technology & Telecommunication industry. He has done lots of project for the Government of India. He is very determined to ensure that solutions presented to the clients adopt the right technology and are scalable to adapt to new platform requirements of the ever-growing Information Technology industry.

Nimish believes that in order for a company to deliver optimized, competitive and strategic solutions to its customers, its’ people should strive hard to gain in-depth knowledge of their client’s business and its needs, before asking for one

Tauseef Anwar

Tauseef Anwar

Co-founder & Director International Business Development

Tauseef is an explorer of new concepts and business models. His excellent management skills were honed by the experience of working with some prestigious organizations in different industries, through a 10-plus-years long career.

He has incredible skills to understand and help clients in turning their raw business idea into virtual reality is simply remarkable. Tauseef heads the Business Development department at Pixel Values Technolabs and focuses on long term relationship with clients. He always ensures that client requirements are delivered securely, and with the most reliable solutions to their problems. Here, he also manages a portfolio of companies geared towards providing IT solutions to local and international clients.

A globetrotter by choice, Tauseef has got more than 10 years of previous consulting experience with various multinational companies where he worked with different domains from across the globe including US, Canada, UK, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, and India. Tauseef is highly passionate about delivering large scale IT solutions to solve business and consumer-related problems.



Muhammad Dawwab Business Partner (Saudi Arabia)

Sunita Raina-Pixel-Values-Technolabs

Sunita Raina HR Manager


Himanshu Marketing Manager

Abdoul Kafid Toko Koutogui-Pixel Values Technolabs

Abdoul Kafid Toko Koutogui  Business Manager (North Africa)


Neil Mishra Manager- Global Sales

Khalil Raggabi-Pixel-Values-Technolabs

Khalil Raggabi  Business Manager (Morocco)

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